Becoming Successful

This year during English class Mrs. Perry decided to make us right an essay anything we wanted it could be be funny,personal, exciting anything you wanted but I decided to write about my old 6th grade teacher Mr.Mcguire!

                                Becoming Successful

success quote imagesBecoming successful is a big step in life. I never thought I would reach to the point of saying wow, look at all of the success I’ve made. But this wouldn’t of happened if I didn’t have Mr.Mcguire as a sixth grade Language Arts teacher. It all just started from “come to the circle.”

In Mr.Mcguire’s class his thing was always “come to the circle” which brought everyone off the computers which led eyes on him. He would always just start talking, then at the end of him done talking it led up to a blog post every time.

From September- March all Mr.Mcguire wanted to talk about was having success and how to get to that point. One thing I realized was when he was talking and showed us a few videos. At that moment it hit me that its time to start growing up.

Watching those videos really inspired me to want to be successful in life and making something of myself. So then at that point of course we had to write a blog report about the videos and just everything that came to our mind watching the videos.

When the class started typing all you could hear was pencil tapping, keyboard buttons being pushed. Lots of people wanted to keep watching the videos so all you could hear  was the re runs of the videos each class day. Every time  I would turn around all I could see was worlds scrambled all together which led to paragraphs upon paragraphs. I could tell by the way the class was typing that they wanted to take time on the post and really think about it.

After that day I learned being successful is a journey but once you reach it, you’re so proud of yourself you’re not sure what to do. Just because you’re so happy that you completed something that most people don’t like doing and you did it.

I got this picture from the website: http://wallpapertopfree.blogspot.tw/2013/06/success-quotes-hd-wallpapers.html



mcdowellI have many thoughts about McDowell which one of the things I do like is every time we switch classes we won’t be with the same people every time. Which is a good but new way to start talking to people you’ve never really talked to.  Being able to go to different classes with different people will also let you hear different opinions then what you know others think.

Another thing I wasn’t for sure about is in Lunch there isn’t really a big range of where to sit at I mean I know people have Lunch a, b and c but the tables don’t really have that much of a choice to sit at. Also, The tables look close together so if two people scoot back at the same time that’s sitting at the circles tables will they run into each other?

The teachers seem nice and all they want you to do is be able to succeed whatever it takes for them to do. The teachers all seem like they work together in a way to make sure nobody will fail any of there classes. I think when everybody gets to McDowell they will love the teachers and love being able to succeed. Especially for the people that want too succeed but can’t do it on there own.

One thing I did learn about having a day at McDowell is they expect you to have responsibilities just like every other day or school but you can’t just  mess around now that they are letting you be free sand trusting you with these responsibilities. But the teachers said “they expect more out of us now that we will be in 7th grade and in middle school.”

Something I didn’t like is to get to one of the Language Arts class you have two options that look the exact same. So if you go one way its the Language Arts class but I’m not sure what the other entrance is for because our tours didn’t take us in that specific room. That’s one thing  that everyone that has that class will have to get use to.



D. A. R. E.

D. A. R. E.What did you enjoy most about D. A. R. E.? Whats one thing that you’ve learned D. A. R. E.? What’s something you’ll always remember about D. A. R. E.? The thing I enjoyed most about D. A. R. E. is that each letter stands for something like the letter D stands for Drugs, A stands for Abuse, R is for Resistance, E is for Education. I really like the definition for each word because its such a small word but it can mean so much that sometimes I don’t even realize how much it means until I learn about it and think about how much it means. One thing I’ve learned from D. A. R. E. is that drugs and alcohol are worse that what I ever thought they would be. After hearing about everything that happens to people and how it just pretty much ruins your life give me a second thought about drugs and alcohol. I feel like now that I’ve learned so much more about all of this I don’t ever want to even think about doing drugs expect for the ones my Doctor prescribes me. Something that I’m always going to remember about D. A. R. E. is how much Deputy Thomas cares about all of the children and even the adults and hes just trying to point out how bad things are and if you do it what the consequences are if you do all the bad things that your not suppose to do.

Link : http://www.hodgkinspd.org/d.a.r.e.html


What Is Your Favorite Character

jungle of bonesWhat is your favorite character in a book and why?

In the book Jungle Of Bones my favorite character is Uncle Todd but the reason I like Uncle Todd is because he just always wants to know whats going on. Uncle Todd is just a guy that is always wondering about whats going on and wants to know the information that happens through the war.

Uncle Todd always wants to the new things about the war so he went to Frank that’s been in the war and hes been in more than seven which Todd finds very interesting because normally people that are in the war die before the seventh time. But since Frank hasn’t died Todd loves to go and talk to Frank about the war and talk about what Frank had to go through and what he had to do to at least try to stay alive and not get shot. So Todd just reminds me of me because I love to go and be able to talk to somebody that I know that will talk to me about the war and tell me about everything that happens.

Link for picture: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/jungle-of-bones-ben-mikaelsen/1115837397?ean=9780545442879


F. E. A. R

FearWhat has always been my fear? What always makes me scared to try things? What’s the monster being held inside of me holding me back from success?

My fear has always been shyness I’ve always been to scared to raise my hand in class because what if I get it wrong then everyone looks at me. Shyness has took a huge part of my life. I’ve always been wanting to do things where you can be loud or something but then I just get to nervous and scared that something is going to happen. Then for the rest of my life I’m going to have to live with that happening to me.

The thing that makes me scared to try things is what if it doesn’t go the way that I was hoping it would. I just get to scared that something bad is going to happen to where after it happens I’ll never be able to try to face my fear again. It’s just always on my mind that one day I’m going have to get over my fear of something bad going to happen and just go with it. Then if something bad happens just go with the flow but then every time I try I just give up and I’m tired of just giving up!

The monster inside of me holding me back form success is shyness once again its just because I’ve always been shy since I was little everyone use to think that I didn’t even know how to talk.  I never really liked to talk to people that I didn’t know really well, or if they were just friends of my dads I wouldn’t talk in front of them and they always use to say “Does your daughter even know who to talk?”

My monster holds me back from lots of things everyday sometimes when a teacher asks a question and I know the answer, I want to raise my hand but then I just think to myself wait no maybe that’s not the right answer. So I just keep my hand down and pretend that I don’t know the answer. Also sometimes people just always look at me so I get to scared to  say something so I just look away and pretend that I’m not even in the class room.

The monster disturbs me a lot because I can never do anything that I want every time I go to do something my shyness always has to pop up. So I can’t do it sometimes I get mad at myself and just want to scream because I just want to say something but I can’t just because I’m shy. Sometimes I just try not to think about it and I count to myself and people will just be like uhm why are you counting and I’m like “because I’m mad at myself so I got to count until I’m calmed down or I’ll just stay mad for the rest of the day.”

The song Let it go talks about how shes always been scared to show her powers but now that shes alone she can do whatever she wants and she can see how powerful her powers really are. Shes trying to point out that she was always shy and scared to go out and see the world and show what shes made of but now that shes pushed to the limit shes going to go and try and face her fears. Which I feel that if she can do it and face her fear then I think anyone is able to do it.

The video on The Reading Workshop talked a hole bunch about fear which fear is a big reason why people don’t get to do a lot of things that they want to do. Fear is a big reason that I don’t want to do things fear is such an easy thing to have I can’t really get completely over it but I can be at least half way there but fear is always going to be there no matter what I do to get rid of it.

The song Monsters talks a lot about his past which everyone has that one bad thing in life that they regret or try not to remember but you still do. The thing that I try not to remember is the things that I’ve did that make me so scared to try things. Like I don’t go up and start talking to people I have to stop and think about what I’m going to say.  I always think well what if they don’t want to talk to me which now today affects me a lot because I don’t really talk to everyone at school I just talk to the people that I’ve always have known.

To control your fear/monster isn’t a really super easy thing to do it takes confidence, tries, believing, positive attitude it takes a lot just to think about it my mind goes crazy. I think that one day I’ll be able to almost get over it but I won’t be able to go fully 101% shy free. I think that if you don’t face your fear all the way then that’s kind of good because then I’ll  have a new fear most likely and what if I can’t face that fear then I’ll get back to my old fear and have two fears its just not worth it.

I think that without an fear life for myself would still be the same my fear is going to be with me but if I could get over the hole fear then life would be better I would be more talkative and teachers wouldn’t call on me just because I don’t raise my hand. It would just be so much better but I don’t think that I’m able to face my fear just because I’ve lived with shyness my hole life and It  just is part of me.

I honestly don’t ever want to face my fear I just want to stay the why I am now just because I wouldn’t want to be the one kid that just changed out of the blue everyone would think something is going on with me. Everybody would always go up to me and be like what’s wrong and I would say “nothing really I just faced my fear of being shy” which if I told that to people most of them wouldn’t believe me. But one thing I tell myself which I just thought of if the word fear has a definition  for each letter F is Failure E. is Establish A is anxiety R is Recency. Its just something that I remember so that way I can always think positive.

I think that maybe one day if somebody would help me face my fear and encourage me while I’m trying that it would be better but everyone would have there own person because like me I would have to have a person that is loud and loves to talk in front of people. I think that if I had someone to help me and be there for me every time I want to just give up that I could possibly face my fear to where at least I could raise my hand in class without being afraid. But that would be a huge jump for me.

What I’m really just trying to point out here is that success isn’t a very easy thing to get to most of the time people are going to fail lots of times before they get to the point they want. Which some people give up because they got fear of what might happen I may not ever reach to the goal but I can’t give up to fear. Fear can’t win against me or anyone. Everyone is so much stronger than what fear is I’ve seen people give up because of them being scared which makes no since! I just want to at least try before I say I give up I cant do it. If I never try what I wanted to do then you can’t succeed ever and that’s not what people want to do that just ruins their future.

Which everything I do now is going to affect myself in my future so now if I just give up completely later  in life I’m going to just be a failure. Which that’s not what I’m heading towards when I grow up I want to be a very successful person that isn’t scared to try new things as long as there is someone by my side helping and listening to me going through everything that I go through. Future is just something that is you but its the new person that you just haven’t became yet.

Success isn’t impossible! Success is just something where you have to try harder than what you think you do. Success is such a simple word but can mean so much.

Fear quotes are on of my favorite pictures to look at the website I got this picture from is: http://mkalty.org/fear-quotes/



Camp Oty Okwa Experiences

campThe thing that I really liked about camp is that everybody just changed there personality. I thought that the people I had to bunk with I would hate it but I actually really liked it everybody was nice and just having lots of fun. I never would of thought people act the way they do until now. It made it really special for me when people were just always wanting to do things for other people if they didn’t know how to or just didn’t understand it. People changed a lot and even now that were back at camp I still talk to some of the people I started to talk to at camp and they’re still the same even tho they might be by there friends that they are use to and always are by.

In a couple years for now I’m always going to look back at Camp and remember when Bailea and I were walking up a steep hill and it was really muddy our boots were sinking in the mud while we were trying to walk up the hill. So we hooked arms so we could be more helpful to each other we were fine for a couple of seconds then all the sudden we both start slipping and sliding we almost fall straight on our face. So we put are hands down and caught each other. Then we got up and started to laugh because everybody else made it up perfectly fine and was going up to camp for free time and was hanging out with there friends. But then when it came to her and I we almost fell right on our face and took like an extra five minutes to get off of the muddy hill to the grass so at least we could wipe all the mud off.

But another memory I’ll remember is then when it came to that night we went for an scavenger hunt and after we found most of our stuff our helper had a skit for us to which was called Cinny the Centipede and so half of  the people had to stand up in a line with a tarp around us and nobody would volunteer to be the owner so I volunteered someone to do it. We did a couple tricks then at the end we had to have someone volunteer to lay on the ground so we got a guy named Willow to do it so a few of us walked over him then someone  has a bottle of water and dropped it all over his pants and everybody laughed. Then we all bowed and started to laugh then we sat down and just laughed while we were waiting for the next skit to happen.

Picture link: http://www.indeed.com


I think I’ve made up my mind!

image In class I always just look and think wow I can’t believe that Mr.Mcguire is actually treating us like collage students. Everyday I wonder if he means to act the way he does or if hes just doing what hes doing. Mr.Mcguire always makes me think of everything he says I mean he is my inspiration. Honestly I’ve always wanted to be a teacher but I just wasn’t for sure what grade I wanted to teach I thought about being a Preschool teacher but now that he inspires me so much I just want to be an collage teacher or even a 6th grade language arts teacher.

I think it would be so fun to go  to the same school as what I went to but take over my favorite teachers job. Language arts has always been my best subject and it ways will be it’s just my thing I love to read and wrote and thats pretty much what language arts is.

I’m not sure what I would do without Mr. McGuire I mean he’s the one that has got me through this year and showed me how important It is to be successful and I never really thought about how much it means I someone to be successful in life. But ever since this year I have found out it means completely everything Mr.McGuire is like my pride and joy I mean I’m not joking he’s so nice and he treats you like your such a successful person and he tries his hardest and tried every thing just for his students to be successful now and later in life. I’ve never been so inspired as what I am not he’s just such an caring teacher and no matter how hard it is for you to be successful he won’t give up on you as long as you don’t give up on yourself.

I think after this year I know for sure what I’m doing no matter where I live in the world I’m going to look back to this 6th grade year. And I’m always going to tell the story to my students that I will have one day and Ill just be like Mr.Mcguire I hope!!(:

Also Mr.Mcguire has his own website and if you haven’t checked it out you should!   The Reading Workshop Also if you want to read about him or have any questions :  Mr. McGuire.


Being A Slave

MesopotamiaIn class in Social Studies I had to write about if I lived in the past as a slave in Mesopotamia.Which I have to tell it in my point of view and how I think it would be like.

My everyday job as being a slave is always the same. Every single day I’m always cleaning, cooking, working and getting yelled at I mean everything! I do my work but I still get treated bad. Ever since the wheel got invented it was a little easier for me to transport things and carry them. The wheel helps my everyday job of cooking also carrying all the clothes I have to wash. The calender helps out a lot because then I know what food to cook on a certain day.

My family has always been known of slaves well whatever your parents are and then they have a child you automatically what they were that’s just how Mesopotamia works. My religion of all the gods effects my life because I try to see my gods as much as I can but its kind of tricky when I’m always having to do work for the family. So I don’t really make it everyday.

Also the family I’m a slave for really don’t believe in all the gods like I do. I try to go see the gods but the family tells me I’m not worth it I just need to stay home and clean. Every time I do something wrong they always hit me while telling me all the laws I’m suppose to go by I try to tell them sometimes I forget but they don’t listen.

The Hammurabi’s code effects me because if you break Hammurabi’s cold you’ll be saying “oh no”. The Hammurabi’s code means a lot to us Mesopotamians. If you break the cold you’ll be sent to jail. Someone is always watching me and making sure I do things the right way. Also they watch me to make sure that I don’t walk away from the job and try to run away and be something else.

Ever since the first generation of my family everybody everybody watches us. But the reason they watch us is because my family has tried to runaway. So now they don’t take any chances with us. As easy as it seems to people my job is very hard. I work all day long even when the family is sleeping. I’m always doing work I didn’t get done during the day. Normally at night I’m washing the dishes from dinner and putting clothes away and stuff like that.

Sometimes the family don’t let me do anything for myself. I barley get to wash my clothes they always tell me they don’t want slave germs on there cloths. Sometimes I don’t get to wash my clothes for more than a week so I have to keep on wearing the dirty clothes from the other days. I have always wondered if there was a nice family is a nice family where they treated slaves like family. I mean is there any that would make me do work but give me time to do things I need to do for myself.

Most of the time I will make cakes for special occasions. Most of the family drink a gallon of beer per day that’s a lot of beer in just one day! I think that’s why sometimes they go over board at yelling at me sometimes.

My dream has always been to be a scribe or a priest. But I think the priest would be the best job ever!. You can speak about how you feel also you would feel important for once. Well one thing good about being a slave is that sometimes if no one is watching I’ll sneak some berries that I pick for everyone. But the reason I do that is because I get tired  of eating porridge. It  gets so old I just want to throw up when I see or smell it!

Well I think that everything I have wrote about my daily basics of being a slave is done. I think being a slave isn’t the best!

I found this picture at: http://landbetweentherivers.weebly.com/



skinnyThe must read book is Skinny by Donna Cooner. Skinny is the best book that I’ve read because its the type of book that has a little bit of everything. The book reminds me of a Cinderella story. The girls name is Ever and she is in high school which is challenging for her since she weighs over three hundred pounds. Which she use to have lots of friends when she was little but ever since she has gotten bigger and gotten more weight added on to her no one really talks to her anymore.

But the thing that makes everything worse is there is a voice inside of Ever’s head named Skinny every time Ever thinks about losing weight skinny is always telling her its not worth it don’t do it. Skinny makes sure that Ever forgets about what she looks like or what will happen to her.

The book is mainly about all the tries and all the challenges Ever has as she is trying to have weight loss and trying to get all those friends back that she use to have. Also Ever has another voice in her which no one knows about.

Picture found at: http://www.npr.org/


Social Media

Social-MediaWhen John talk about the role of social media I strongly agree. Why would people have any type of social media if all they know how to do is say mean things. I think that if people are always posting bad things they should be banded from all social media sites.

Social media is for people to say positive things and write about yourself or anything that you like to write about. Or even to talk to your family that doesn’t live by. Its not for people to run their mouth or say mean things. Half the time people do it because they don’t like you or just trying to make you really mad or upset.

Social media effects my life a hole bunch my mom is always having to check her Facebook to see if she has any  messages or any new posts by someone. Which if my mom isn’t on Facebook shes on Pintrest. But I’m not as bad as my mom but I’m probably close to it. I normally get on  Facebook and Instagram.

All of the social media is “building my brain” because  I write stuff how I feel or just something that I decided to write about. It shows people in the world the real you. It shows how you act, how you talk, if your good or bad or if you pay attention in school or not!

There’s a lot of people that comment negative  stuff instead of nice and positive stuff. Which in my thoughts why would people comment bad things. if people don’t have nice things to say don’t say anything at all. I mean simple as that is it that hard to say nice things or nothing at all.

I mean there is people out in the world that hurt themselves because of some stupid person thought it would be funny to say something mean and negative. Which it really breaks a person down when people do this stuff.

So as a solution if people can be nice and post positive things. Or they can stay off of social medias and don’t get into other peoples business. If you don’t like them that doesn’t mean to go and say mean things.

To get pictures of social media go to the website: http://www.ekaterinawalter.com/