A Talk About Bullying

stop bullying nowDo you think that bullying is a problem? I know I do I think that bullying is the worst thing you could ever think or do to someone. Bullying is a big problem at schools which I don’t understand why it’s so dumb to think that someone would  want to go to school every day to make someone feel bad about their self everyday. Who would ever want to go to school to just make fun of someone that you just know their name not their story of what’s wrong with them.

When you have  seen bullying or if you ever do what will you do to help that person or will you do anything? I’ll tell you now if you ever see bullying the best thing you could ever do is go tell an adult and tell them what you saw. After that try to make friends with that person and see if they’re alright with their life and see if they have been doing good. Also make sure those kids aren’t messing/bullying that person again.

When do you see bullying I’ll admit sometimes I don’t see it at first sometimes you might think that the kids are just messing around with each other. But then if its happening 24/7 everyday you can kinda start to wonder/ think that somethings not right with the way that they act every single day. Then you should go up and ask that person that’s having these problems and ask if your friends with those people or there just being plain out mean!

This is my example of  telling if it is or isn’t bullying. David is having a very bad day. His brother pushed him around at breakfast and none of the kids on his bus like him. He goes to class thinking no one likes him either. In school, David sits down at his desk and Johnny starts whispering and laughing. Another friend joins in and starts pointing and whispering as well. David notices the students pointing and laughing and he puts his head down on his desk.

After I read this I thought of how I would think about this I view this as bullying. I viewed  this as bullying as soon as I read “none of the kids on his bus like him.” Why would you not like David what did he ever do to you to make you not like him? Do you even know how it feels to be like him?  Bullying is how you make someone feel really bad about their self. Bullying is  hard to make someone stand up and tell someone and talk about it.

If David could talk back to those students some of his responses woulds be What’s so funny about me to make you laugh?, Would you please stop you don’t understand how I feel when you guys do this to me, If you were me would you want me doing this to you?, You do this everyday do you ever get tired of doing this to me?, One day your going to look back at this and your going to wonder why did I do this and when you do that please do call  me and let me know why you did this every single day.

If I were David in this kind of situation I would act very calm about all of these people and tell them to stop. Like really do you know I feel when you guys talk behind my back? Everyday I go home and wonder what did I ever do to you guys but I still haven’t found out. Also I would try and go talk to an adult about everything that’s being going on during the school hours. Last but no least I would try to just talk and work things out with the kids that are saying and laughing at me. I would say what did I do to you guys for you to do this to me? Then I would ask what can I do to make you stop doing this to me every single day at school.

If I were one of the friends that was bullying David I would feel like I should try to make the friend stop. I would try to talk to my friend after school or when were not busy. I would say hey look David never really did anything to you. You can’t just go around and bully him and think its okay. David is just a boy  no one does  anything to him but you and everybody else goes and makes fun of him jut because you make fun of him and they think if they do it they will be just like you but that cant happen.

I think that people are doing this to David just to make him feel bad about himself, They just want to make fun of him or he just doesn’t have friends and people think  that its funny that he doesn’t have anyone to talk to at home or during school hours.    Bullying sometimes goes farther then what you think. Some people steal from this person getting bullied, hitting the person to make them have marks, Sometimes the bullies go way to far and make a kid not even want to come to school or go out of the house.

People that are getting bullied are usually younger kids, kids that have few friends, kids that are shy or when kids have problems understanding  topics in school. People bully other kids to try to be popular/cool, make a kids feel bad about themselves, take anger out on someone or just to do it for a dare you got from your friend.

But there’s all different kinds of bullying that can be heard or did. Like for example Physical Bullying  is when hitting, kicking, tripping, pinching or damaging property. Next Verbal Bullying is when name calling comes in, teasing, insulting or verbal abuse. Also  Covert Bullying is where

  • lying and spreading rumors
  • negative facial or physical gestures, menacing or contemptuous looks
  • playing nasty jokes to embarrass and humiliate
  • mimicking unkindly
  • encouraging others to socially exclude someone
  • damaging someone’s social reputation or social acceptance

Lat but not least is Cyber Bullying which takes place on internet, texting or anything you may do outside in the world. Cyber Bullying is when say for example two girls where texting this boy and making fun of him and calling him mean/bad names that would be called Cyber Bullying.

Sometimes I’ve heard other people been called not so good names and I’ve seen that person just look down and pretend that they can’t hear a word and try’s to be invisible which is impossible. I’m not sure why people want to call each other names like fat, ugly,  trash, anything that you could think of that’s not very nice to even think of calling someone that name. I think that sometimes people might just call other people names to make them sad and turn them down which is worthless.

David most likely doesn’t say something to these people because…. hes scared they will hit him, scared that the people will treat him even worse, has the feeling it won’t work, scared that more people will join in the group, scared that every where he goes he will get bullied.

Stop bullying! You could stop bullying by easy things like tell an adult, talk to the person that’s getting bullied, make the person that’s getting bullied stand up and go tell them people to stop and make that person go tell an adult about whats been going on between these people. People can be easily affected by someone bullying someone by could make people want to join in, make them stand up for David or anyone and make the people stop, show the people that David or anyone getting bullied feels really bad inside.


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